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Table of Contents




Chapter One: 
Do You Suffer from Paruresis?
          A Self-Screening Test
          The Continuum, from Mild to Severe
          Bathroom Experience Varies by Individual and Situation
          Stories from Female Paruretics 
          Other Unfortunate Tales Abound
          Another Recurring Theme: Hampered Work Lives

Chapter Two:
Gender Differences among Paruretics
          Why Does Paruresis Seem to Affect Men More?
          Male Versus Female Bathroom Design and Behavior Patterns 
          Self-Catheterization Differs between the Sexes

Chapter Three:
Stall Tactics: How We Have Coped

Chapter Four:
Now That You’re Ready, Hit the Road to Recovery  

Chapter Five:
Why Can’t I Be Normal, Like All the Others?

Chapter Six:
Exploring Fears and Concerns       
          Telling Others about Our Shy Bladders       
          Time Pressures– “Someone Is Waiting for Me”      
          Encountering Others in Bathrooms –  Being Seen, Heard, or Too Close to Others
          The Root of the Problem –  Caring Too Much What Others May Think

Chapter Seven:  
Practical Do’s and Don’ts
           Noise in the Bathroom
           Tips for Trips: Urinating While Traveling
           Foreign Travel

Chapter Eight:
Survival Skills: Ways to Empty Your Bladder        
           Catheterization – Finding Immediate Relief       
           Other Assistive Devices

Chapter Nine:
Treatment of Paruresis       
           Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)       
           Breathing, Breath-Holding, Relaxation Techniques

Chapter Ten:
Taking Action        
           Take an IPA Workshop       
           Disclose Your Condition to Others       
           Use the Women’s IPA Discussion Forum  
           Find a Practice Partner  
           Join a Support Group or Create Your Own  
           Join the IPA

Chapter Eleven:
Women’s Success Stories: Recovering From Paruresis 

Chapter Twelve:
Conclusions and Next Steps


Appendix 1:
Options When You Can’t Urinate in a Restroom
           Urinary Collection Bags
           Disposable Urinal Bags
           Urinating while Standing Up
           Female and Portable Urinals
           Portable Toilets and Privacy Tents

Appendix 2: 
Design of Women’s Restrooms and Toilet Facilities  
           Gender Equity in Bathrooms  
           Increasing Popularity of Unisex or Gender-Neutral Restrooms in America
           Female Urinal Fixtures (permanent facilities)
           Mobile Urinals for Women: Wave of the Future?
           Automatic Flush Toilets – They Too Can Misfire 
           Eliminating Noise in a Women’s Public Restroom

Appendix 3:
More about Author’s Experience with Paruresis

Appendix 4:
Useful Information about Paruresis to Bring with You
to a Health Care Professional   



About the Author