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"Carol Olmert has written a crucial and much needed guide for women suffering from paruresis, or shy bladder syndrome. Until now, there have only been a few publications on the subject: a general book, a book for men, and a book of recovery stories. Her book adds to the literature in an important, accessible, and well-written way. Perhaps most importantly, Ms. Olmert goes to great lengths to cover the latest treatment methods available for paruresis, some of which have not been discussed in print before. Moreover, she provides many practical suggestions, including resources for traveling, alternatives to bathroom use, and a good discussion of many of the current issues that affect the paruretic community."

Steven Soifer, PhD, LGSW
Co-founder and CEO, International Paruresis Association
Author, Shy Bladder Syndrome:
Your Step-By-Step Guide to Overcoming Paruresis

“Carol Olmert has made a major contribution to the literature on paruresis (shy bladder syndrome). Her comprehensive book provides practical, clear, effective information on understanding and recovering from the condition. While explicitly written for women, anyone can benefit from reading her work; sufferers, clinicians, and support people will find this an invaluable resource.”

Carl Robbins, MS, MEd, NCC, LCPC
Director of Training, Anxiety & Stress Disorders Institute of MD
International Paruresis Association Co-Founder

“I didn’t realize this could be such a problem,” a physician once told me. That quote came to my mind after reading this excellent book. I especially like the biographical accounts; also the technical detail of catheter usage for severely unreliable urinary systems is a green flag to me of this book’s accuracy. Bravo Carol – what a blessing this book is for women and men struggling to overcome paruresis!”

Phil Baumgaertner
Former International Paruresis Association President

“Finally, a book that talks about the taboo subject of paruresis. Carol Olmert’s book is a well written, thoughtful and serious exploration of paruresis, which is a disorder that has caused endless suffering and shame among the millions of women with this affliction. Therapists will find the information provided informative and instructive and those that suffer from this debilitating disorder will not only find solace in knowing they are not alone but step-by-step instructions on how to overcome this disorder. A must for all therapists’ bookshelves!”

Ruth Lippin, LMSW
New York, New York

“In Bathrooms Make Me Nervous, Carol Olmert delivers a thorough, clear and accessible guide for women who struggle with urination anxiety, otherwise known as paruresis. Olmert’s work offers more than a “how to” for women with this problem. In reading this guide anyone involved in the life of a woman with this issue will gain an authentic understanding of their loved one’s struggle. Most importantly, Carol Olmert presents a message of hope. A MUST READ for all concerned about paruresis.”

Philip Haber, MS
Former International Paruresis Association Vice President

Press Release:

Business Wire

Well-Known 'Princess of Pee' & Shy Bladder Expert Carol Olmert is Author of Helpful New Book BATHROOMS MAKE ME NERVOUS: A Guidebook for Women with Urination : Posted 02 December 2008 @ 11:10 am ET

For over 40 years, author and researcher Carol Olmert suffered from the damaging effects of shy bladder syndrome (paruresis). She has taken everything she has learned about living with and overcoming this debilitating, inevitably embarrassing condition to write her newly-published book, BATHROOMS MAKE ME NERVOUS: A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety. "This book is written for women who find it hard to urinate in bathrooms with others nearby or who avoid using public restrooms altogether," says Olmert. "Most people take the process of urination for granted as a natural, normal part of their daily existence. A minority of women and men - an estimated 7% of the U.S. population - are bathroom-challenged. They have fears that prevent their use of public or private restrooms when others are present."

"Some women put up with their problem, diminishing its importance in their lives or developing daily routines to accommodate it. Others who cannot produce urine specimens to meet drug testing requirements face the consequence of work loss," explains the author. "In severe cases, people will not go out socially, take vacations or work around others - all desperate attempts in restroom avoidance."

Many are unaware that they have a treatable condition, a type of social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, those who seek professional help from physicians and therapists often encounter ignorance, skepticism, or denial.

In BATHROOMS MAKE ME NERVOUS, Olmert shares the wisdom that she and other women have gained from their personal experiences. Readers will learn that there is nothing wrong with them and discover practical, easy-to-follow steps for overcoming this dreaded condition.

The recently published BATHROOMS MAKE ME NERVOUS: A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety sells for $19.95 online at Amazon.com, at www.Lulu.com/bathroomsmakemenervous, and through the International Paruresis Association. More information is available at www.bathroomsmakemenervous.com.

About Carol Olmert:

Carol Olmert holds a B.A. from UCLA in Pre-Social Welfare. She has worked as a Market Research Analyst for large corporations and as an Administrator for several non-profits. Carol is actively involved in the International Paruresis Association (IPA): she is the Women's Coordinator and an Advisory Board Member. She also conducts women's workshops for recovery from paruresis.

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Shy Bladder in the News

April 25, 2010

from the Detroit Free Press


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